Logistics and Services

Services Logistics and Services

The modern, state of the art thermo-insulated and fully air conditioned, 1000 square meter storage premises ensure the excellent, optimal storage of our products with a twenty four hour. The total capacity in pallets reaches 733.

Abiding by ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 standards on the use of the classification system, we provide exceptional services with respect towards both our clients and consumers. With a fleet of 15 thermo-insulated vehicles we visit daily all the sales locations of our island. Our deliveries either occur directly from the storage unit or from our mobile sellers (ex-van sales). 

The frequent visits and the friendly relations of our sellers with our clients ensure a direct and personal relationship that leaves our clients always satisfied. Today the company distributes to the following channels: supermarkets, kiosks, canteens, bakeries, pastry shops, hotels, restaurants,  catering services,  gas stations,  wholesale distributors, pharmacies, hospitals, opticians and doctors.